Narcissistic Personality Disorder Causes and Treatment

Personality disorders affect the way a person thinks in an unhealthy manner. There are various types of personality disorder, and one of them is a narcissistic personality disorder. This occurs when a person feels as if they are more important than they are. They come across as having a lot of self-confidence, but they firmly and honestly believe they are superior to everyone around them. This is not the same thing as confidence, which occurs when a person knows they have a lot to offer and they are comfortable with themselves despite their flaws. Narcissists require ample attention.

Information. People who live with a narcissistic personality disorder do not possess empathy. They do not relate well to others. Their perceived self-confidence is merely a show on the outside. If someone with this disorder is criticized, questioned, or not shown ample appreciation or excessive praise by others, they are prone to becoming sullen, withdrawn, or even angry. Someone with an inflated sense of self-worth often finds they have problems in their lives. They struggle at work, at home, and they struggle to find happiness in their everyday life. They require validation from others in the form of praise, and they do not handle it well when they don’t receive it. It’s not a curable health problem, but it is one that can be treated using therapy.