6 Great Knee Strengthening and Knee Pain Exercises

The knees are not just a joint which bends. Moving it are powerful muscles that are responsible for holding the weight and balance of the whole body. Sometimes people experience weak knees. Weak knees are ones that are more prone to injuries during exercise or even during everyday activities. It is worthwhile to do the following exercises in order to specifically strengthen the muscles and joints in the knees.

Thigh contraction. The thigh contraction, or quadriceps contraction, is a simple exercise for knee strengthening that can be performed easily by beginners. To perform this exercise, the person lies with the face down toward the floor or another flat surface. A roll-up towel is placed under the ankle of the particular leg that is to be exercised. Using the ankle, pressure is applied on the towel while the leg is kept as straight as possible. This will make sure that the thighs are contracting as much as possible. This position is held for five seconds and then released. The exercise is repeated for 10 times during a single session. Each leg is trained individually.