The Types of Penile Cancer With Their Symptoms and Treatment

Penile cancer can be scary for any man. But if a patient does research and educates themselves, they can develop questions to ask the specialists and doctors that will be treating them. With this information, they can get a better idea of what they will be facing, what symptoms they might experience, and what kind of treatment there is for them.

Information. Penile cancer is not a common condition that happens when cells mutate and grow exponentially. These cells can join together to form a tumor. There can be penile tumors that are benign, but they need to be tested to make sure. Additionally, penile cancer usually occurs in uncircumcised men. Uncircumcised men still have a foreskin on the penis. This makes it easier for fluids to accumulate in the foreskin, contributing to the growth of cancer cells. Furthermore, this type of cancer is more prevalent in smokers, in men over 60, and in men who have a compromised or weakened immune system.