Hydrocele Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A hydrocele is a condition in which fluid accumulates around the testicles. This accumulation of fluids results in a swollen scrotum. This condition is not unusual, especially in infants. Practically 10% of infant boys in the US have a hydrocele at birth. That said, this condition can occur at any age. In general, hydroceles are not serious. In most instances, they clear up on their own and don’t cause any discomfort.

Information. There are a couple of different types of hydroceles. Non-communicating hydrocele is one type. With this type, the sac is disconnected from the stomach cavity. The fluid within the sac is generally re-absorbed into the body without any assistance. In newborn infants, this sort of hydrocele generally clears up within 12 months. Communicating hydrocele is the other type. With this type, the sac surrounding the testicles does not fully close. Some communication with the stomach cavity remains. This sort of hydrocele fluctuates in size as fluid flows in and out. Most of the time it does not clear up without surgery.