5 Easy Steps to Passing a Drug Urine Test

Passing a urine drug test is not as complicated as one might think. Water is a huge help when it comes to flushing out the metabolites in the system that are caused by drug use. Taking 50-100 milligrams of B2 or B12 will also help keep the urine a more natural yellow color. If the urine is too clear, the company may want to test the individual again. There are other techniques that may also help, such as eating healthy and exercising.  

Drink lots of fluids. This technique is also called flushing. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to produce a false negative with a pee test. A pee test will not measure the amount of illegal drugs in the urine; instead, they measure how many metabolites are found. When drugs are taken the body gets rid of them as metabolites, so drinking a lot of water helps the body produce untainted metabolites. Urinalysis will look for 44 different metabolites due recreational or prescription drug use. While drinking tons of water can help a person pass a drug test, too much water can be fatal. Water intoxication can damage the internal organs, so it is important not to over-hydrate.